State-certified translators: remote services, real people.

With us, you will be working directly with a state-certified translator/interpreter, eliminating intermediaries and making the process easier and hassle-free,

We are a team of professional state-certified (officially sworn) translators and interpreters working with Polish and a number of other languages. We specialise in legal translation and have gained extensive experience supporting Polish courts and law enforcement agencies. Our customers include businesses, law firms, institutions as well as individuals..

More about us

We are a group of Poznań-based freelance certified translators.

We work with customers worldwide. If time is of the essence, you can collect your translation in person directly from your translator in Poznań or ask to have it delivered.

Qualified translators

You can be sure your document will be translated by a professional with the required qualifications.

Better value for money

With no agency as an intermediary, truly professional services become affordable.

Direct contact

Why work with agencies if you can work directly with a professional ready to answer your questions and consult you if needed?

Document pickup

Arrange to pick up your certified translation in Poznań or ask to have it delivered or emailed.